50th Founding Anniversary

April 20-21, 2012, 8-5pm

Venue to be announced

Makati City

Honorary Chair: Elizabeth Ifurung-Gonzales, MD
Over-all Chair: Corazon S. Ramos, MD
Co-Chair: Miguel Martin N. Moreno II, MD 


8 Responses to 50th Founding Anniversary

  1. I hope we do not change this date since it is the official founding PMA-registred date of teh founding of Makati Medical Society.

  2. karen says:

    hi. who do I contact if I want to register as a new member of MkMS?

  3. Dr. Rosario Tapia- Valenzuela says:

    I woUld like to update my membership to the society by paying my past dues. I have not received any mails / communications from the society for the past 2-3 years. Where do I send my payments? I need to update ASAP before August 2.

  4. Arlyn Marie Arabe says:

    Greetings Ma’am/Sir,
    I’m Dr. Arlyn Marie Arabe a member of Makati Medical Society since 2003 until May 2012 (I am active until 2005 since I went into fellowship training). I’m now practicing in Lucena Quezon (since 2008), and last December 2011, I requested to be transferred from Makati Medical Society to Quezon Medical Society. I already paid all my dues. Last June 2012, I was informed that I cannot be issued a new ID card because I have back dues from 2005 to 2007. To prove that I have no back dues, I gave a copy of the receipts to our Quezon Medical Society secretary, Ms. Angie. I hope this will facilitate my transfer to Quezon Medical Society. Thank you very much

    • Site Admin says:

      I have forwarded your inquiry to the incumbent President and Secretary of MkMS.
      Please give us a week since it is medicine week and they are probably all in the field.
      Rest assure, I will follow-up on this.

      Dr. Miguel Martin Moreno
      Adviser and Former President

  5. Dr. Leilani A. Baldeviso says:

    I would like to inquire the address of of the pma makati medical society and the contact number.

    • Site Admin says:

      You may call makai med ctr and have urself connected to the office, im sorry i dont know the office local justt mmc 8889999. Or have urself connected tomclinic of dr.mhilda rabago, mimi sarabia or the mkms pres. Sixta foronda.

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