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How do you unsubscribe from Binbit?



Stress-releasing Game

Simply Hospital (from FaceBook)

WARNING: This can be very addicting, play at your own risk.

 Simply Hospital is a Facebook game published by 6waves. Manage your own hospital by hiring doctors, provide examination and diagnostic rooms, decorate it to make it look appealing and maintain your medical equipment, all to increase its reputation and profit.

 Be the Director of your own hospital.
Go and Research Diseases, Provide Medical Rooms and Equipment, Hire Specialists, Treat with Medicines, Shift Management and Statistics, Manage your Hospital’s Reputation, Participate in the Doctor’s Council, and Set an Alert and Follow for Updates.


PMA and MkMS Hymns

You may view and sing-a-long with the PMA Hymn video here.

Awit ng P.M.A.

(The PMA Hymn)                                                                                      

( I )
Ang Puso ko’y tigib ng kasiyahan
Dahil ako ay nasama sa tanan.
Ang lahat may gintong nasa
Makisig at masigla.
( II )
Kapisanan ay tunay ang damdamin
Suliranin nitong baya’y pawiin
Idalangin natin ng tapat
Sa maykapal may lunas ang lahat.
( Koro )
Awit ng PMA, tayo ay magdiwang
Magtulungan, sa pag-unlad ng bayan.
Ang kailangan, ibigay sa tanan
Kalusugan ay kasaganaan.
( Ulitin ang I & II )
… Idalangin natin ng tapat
Sa Maykapal may lunas ang lahat.

You may view and sing-a-long with the MkMS Hymn video here.

Mabuhay and Samahan!
(Makati Medical Society Hymn)

Ang mga manggagamot ng Bayan ng Makati ay nagkaisa.
Ang mga gawain, marangal at kaibig-ibig
Alay sa taong bayan ay tunay na pag-ibig
Nagkakawang gawa sa mga taong kapos palad
Nagbibigay ng libreng lunas
Libreng gamot, libreng pagod at hirap.
Mabuhay! Mabuhay! Mabuhay ang samahan!
Makati Medical Society, matatag na pangalan.
Mabuhay! Mabuhay! Mabuhay ang samahan!
Makati Medical Society, sandigan ng taong bayan.
Ang pagtulong sa kapwa, taos sa puso’t diwa
Hangad nami’y ligaya, kayo ay magtiwala
Alam ng maykapal ang tunay na layunin
Tumutulong sa kalusugan
Ng sambayanang tungo sa kaunlaran.
(Ulitin ang Koro)

50th Founding Anniversary

22 April 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012, 8-5pm

Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City

Honorary Chair: Elizabeth Ifurung-Gonzales, MD
Over-all Chair: Corazon S. Ramos, MD
Co-Chair: Miguel Martin N. Moreno II, MD 

Cory Aquino’s speech for MkMS in 2006

Transcription of the speech of Former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino during the Induction of New Officers of the Makati Medical Society last June 23, 2006, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Pasay City, Philippines
You may listen to the speech here. (soon)

Dr. Martin Moreno, Dr. Jojo Sabili, officers and members of the Makati Medical Society, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening to all of you, the officers and members of the Makati Medical Society and all your guests. Thank you Dr. Martin Moreno for inviting me to speak before you tonight.

Doctor’s are among my favorite people. In fact, Ninoy and I have always hoped that one of our children would become a doctor, or that one of them would marry a doctor (audience chuckles).

When Ninoy’s wish wasn’t granted, we prayed that God would send us friends who were doctors. And God did answer are prayers as Ninoy and I were blessed with many friends who were doctors when we were living in exile in theUSA. And after Ninoy’s assassination, and even without my asking, the good Lord sent me the “Doctor’s for Cory,” who helped in the restoration of our democracy.

Doctor’s are wonderful people, and very patient people. I feel sorry for doctors who forever have to listen to the problems of others. They have to listen patiently to tales of woe (audience chuckles), of body aches and pains of their friends and acquaintances even during social functions. Every Sunday, our family doctor, Dr. Alex Ayco, who is here tonight, joins me, my children and grand children for our lunch reunion in my home in Quezon City. We try our best to wait until after Alex’ has finished eating before we consult him with our medical problems (audience chuckles). Thank God Alex likes the food in my house and he continues to join us every Sunday even if there is a possibility of having to listen to our stories of aches and pains. I believe that doctors can almost always make us feel better, but they cannot do it alone. We are to cooperate with them and follow their instructions. In other words, doctor’s help us help ourselves.

Many of us here, doctors, as well as non-doctors, have committed ourselves to helping others, specially the poor. Two years ago, my balae, Howard Dee of the Assisi Foundation, invited me and the Aquino Foundation to establish the ASA Philippines Foundation and engage in Microfinance projects. Allow me to share with you the vision and mission of ASA Philippines Foundation.

Our vision, “We are devoted to the poor for them to fight against growing poverty with the most cost-effective sustainable microfinance services and with the highest portfolio quality and management efficiency in order to eventually grow as the best managed and lowest-charging microfinance service provider in the Philippine market.” ASA Philippines Foundation has made this commitment to 3 sectors. The first is a commitment to the marginalized poor sector for which the foundation exists. The second commitment is to the staff who are dedicated to the foundations’ mission/objectives. The third commitment is to the incorporators to make the program the best and most self sustainable microfinance institution in the country. And therefore, our missions are; “To deliver the most cost effective, efficient and client-responsive microfinance service to the entrepreneurialial poor in the cheapest way; To create a best place to work where every staff member has the chance to live in dignity, develop a career path within the foundation and will have the satisfaction of changing the quality of life of poor people and of themselves; and thirdly, To be self-sustainable and the best-knowledged microfinance institution in the Philippines.”

For those of you who are not familiar with microfinance, let me just briefly explain of how the system works. When the target area is identified, the loan officers go there and meet with the women residence. They inform the women on how they can become clients of ASA Philippines. The women are told that they have to save P50.00 a week for four weeks and deposit the same amounts plus P100.00 insurance pay with the loan officers to qualify as clients of ASA Philippines Foundation. The women have to explain to the loan officers, what livelihood project they would engage in. Once the women have complied with the requirements during the four weeks, they would then receive their loans which then range from P3,000 to P6,000. The following week, the women will start paying back in 23 weekly installments with the loan officers, the amount they had borrowed plus the interest. They would do this on the same day of each week.

After two years of existence, ASA Philippines Foundation now has 22,948 clients in 30 branches which are located in KaloocanCity, PasigCity, Manila, Parañaque, Quezon City, Las Piñas City, Makati, MandaluyongCity, Marikina, Taguig, San Juan, and Bulacan, Bataan, and Rizal provinces. Our recovery rate has been 99%. The clients are all women and the reason for this is that women have proven to be better borrowers than men (audience chuckles). I was told that when men have extra money, they usually spend it on gambling or on alcoholic drinks. I’m sure that male doctors do not do that (audience chuckles).

I have met with some women clients in Payatas,Quezon Cityand Dinalupihan inBataan. I have been inspired by their hard work and dedication to their livelihood project. They also seem happy and sounded confident as they explained their work to me. Most of them are into cooking and selling food; breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was told that many households just buy their meals instead of cooking at home especially if both husband and wife work outside the home. They also told me that since the cost of LPG has gotten up, it is cheaper to just buy the cooked food.

I, at present, am trying to get more people in microfinance projects by putting up their own foundations or donating some money to existing foundations. The advantage of helping microfinance project is that your donations will continue to help the poor for a long long time since the clients will be paying back whatever was loaned to her plus interest. I believe that even after I leave this world, whatever donations I gave to help a microfinance client will continue to help either that same client or some other client. We are not giving ‘dole-outs.’ We are in fact, helping the poor, help themselves.

I often ask if I still feel optimistic about the Philippines. And I say yes. Because there are many good Filipinos. Filipinos who are always ready to help their fellow Filipinos. And so I hope that all of us here will continue to help others. Let us help our fellow Filipinos help themselves. Thank you to all the officers and members of MkMS. God Bless all of you. Mabuhay! (audience applauses).

RH Bill Symposium @ MMC

The Most Reverend Archbishop of Lipa, Ramon C. Arguelles, DD will be one of the guests at the Reproductive Health Bill Symposium at the Ledesma Hall of Makati Medical Center on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 2 – 4pm. The moderator will be the Immediate Past President of the Makati Medical Society, Dr. Rosario “Chari” del Rosario. Everyone is invited.

Archbishop Arguelles was ordained priest on December 21, 1969. He served as rector of San Carlos Seminary from 1982 to 1986. On November 26, 1993, then Pope John Paul II elevated him to the office of bishop, and appointed him Titular Bishop of Roscrea.

Thereafter, he was made auxiliary bishop of Manila. He then took the administration of the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines. In 2004, he was named Archbishop of Lipa.

Archbishop Arguelles, if you remember is a distant uncle of MkMS fromer president Miguel Martin Moreno II. Dr, Moreno was inducted into his second term as MkMS president by the archbishop in 2007.

International Conference on HIV Aid’s/Woman & child Abuse

The Global Women’s Foundation (GWF) is organizing an International Conference on HIV Aid’s/Woman & child Abuse. We invite you to take part in the upcoming conference taking place from 19th – 22nd July 2011 in Washington, D.C., USA and from 25th – 28th July in Vicenza, Italy.

The summit will deliver interactive workshop sessions that will enable delegates to share best practice, exchange ideas, empower each other and discuss the latest research findings.

If you are interested to participate and want to represent your country, you may contact the secretariat of the organizing committee by email: ( ) for more information.

COGs and Payment Dues


DATE     :          3 September 2010

TO          :          All Members of Makati Medical Center (MkMS)

MkMS President

RE          :          Issuance of the Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) and Payment of Annual Dues to PMA and MkMS

 This is in pursuant to circulars and reminders sent by the Philippine Medical Association regarding the Issuance of Certificates of Good Standing by the Component Societies of the PMA and the New Annual dues of PMA.


The CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING will ONLY be issued to a member who has completed the following requirements of the PMA as so ordered June 2010.

  • Has PHYSICALLY attended or participated in one (1) of the MAJOR events of MkMS such as Outreach Program, Annual Convention AND Fund Raising.
  • Has payed his/her annual dues WITHOUT ARREARS before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Has voted in the PMA annual national elections at least ONCE in two (2) years. Effective March 2008, and
  • Has earned100 CME units (30 units from the MkMS).

NOTE: You will be charged P100.00 for your first certificate. A Duplicate COGS Fee of PhP 500.00 will be charged for succeeding certificates for the same fiscal year.

Sample notice letter:

This is a friendly reminber that your PMA Annual Dues for the fiscal year _________ is now being collected. Please take note of the NEW PMA dues:

  • o
Regular Member (PMA PhP 1,000.00 and MkMS PhP 500.00)
  • o
PMA Life Member (PhP 500.00 annually + MkMS dues only)
  • o
New PMA Life Member (PMA PhP 15,000.00 + MkMS Dues PhP 500.00)
Only Regular members of Good Standing for the past 10years are qualitfied to apply as a PMA Life member.)
  • o
New MkMS Life member (PhP 500.00 [Payable within a year])
Applicatble to PMA Life member of good standing 
  • o
Emeritus (Exempted; applicable to members 65+yrs old, and member of PMA for the past 15 years) 
  • o
Arrears PhP_____________ for the year/s __________
  • o
Power Card (The NEW PMA ID Card) PhP 250.00 



Please remit the Total Collectible amount as stated above in cash or cheque (preferred), payable to Makati Medical Society to any of the following listed below: Always ask for your official receipt.

Sincerely yours,
The Treasurer

Preventing Prolonged Labor by Using Partograph

Labor Monitoring Tool

The World Health Organization (WHO), Kitasato University School of Nursing, AIM Dr. Stephen Zuellig Center and AIM-CDM’s Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) invites you to the 2nd blended learning course on Partograph.

Obstructed labor is one of the five major causes of maternal death in many countries. Many of those who survive prolonged and obstructed labor suffer long term disabilities such as obstetric fistulae, and often become outcasts from society. Prolonged obstructed labor may lead to death and disability for the infant.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of the partograph. The partograph is a simple reliable tool for graphically recording the progress of labor and monitoring the health of the mother and the fetus. The partograph serves as an “early warning system” and assists in early decision making on interventions in labor.

The WHO CD-Rom Partograph e-Learning Tool Kit

Jointly developed by the World Health Organization’s Department of Making Pregnancy Safer and John Snow Inc., this tool may be used for self-learning or as an aid in classroom learning in pre-service and in-service midwifery and medical training.

The tool includes

• Step by step instructions on how to fill in a partograph

• Exercises to practice plotting progress of labor on the partograph

• Case studies on the use of the partograph for making clinical decisions during labor.

• A Help section for more information on how to use the different components.

  This course consists of 2 sessions:

Session 1 (June 13, 2011): Partograph introductory one hour video showing session (face to face session) at the AIM-Ground Floor, Global Distance Learning Center on June 13, 2011, from 4:00pm to 5:30pm

3 days self-study with CDROM:  “WHO Partograph e-Learning Tool” will be given to the participants during the introductory video showing session on June 13, 2011 from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

Session 2 (June 16, 2011): participants are expected to join the workshop via videoconference (Videoconference session with Q&A) at the AIM Global Distance Learning Center on June 16 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, session will connect all the participants in Tokyo, Ghana, Tanzania, Jordan, Tanzania, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Dempasar, Mongolia, Manila and WHO in Geneva via videoconference.

This course if free but CDs are limited.

Participants will get a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

For those who are interested to join the learning course on partograph, please email

venusjacobe@yahoo.comGCandelaria@AIM.EDU) us your name, organization, contact number, and e-mail



Most Outstanding Physicians of Makati Medical Society

1992-1993 Rodolfo Reyes, MD
1993-1994 Erlinda Escara, MD
1994-1995 Corazon Ramos, MD
1995-1996 +Agaton Manimtim, MD, LLB
1996-1997 Antonio Sinchioco, MD
1997-1998 Benhur Sales, MD
1998-1999 Angelita Miguel-Aguirre, MD
1999-2000 +Purificacion Ilas-Ocampo, MD
2000-2001 Jose Sanchez, MD
2001-2002 Hilda Teodoro-Rabago, MD
2002-2003 Ma. Lourdes Salud, MD
2003-2004 Melchor Tuquero, MD
2004-2005 Celerina Papa-Malinit, MD
2006 -2007 Adoracion Nambayan-Abad, MD
2010-2011 Miguel Martin N. Moreno II, MD
2011-2012 Josefa Romano-Cruel, MD