Most Outstanding Physicians of Makati Medical Society

1992-1993 Rodolfo Reyes, MD
1993-1994 Erlinda Escara, MD
1994-1995 Corazon Ramos, MD
1995-1996 +Agaton Manimtim, MD, LLB
1996-1997 Antonio Sinchioco, MD
1997-1998 Benhur Sales, MD
1998-1999 Angelita Miguel-Aguirre, MD
1999-2000 +Purificacion Ilas-Ocampo, MD
2000-2001 Jose Sanchez, MD
2001-2002 Hilda Teodoro-Rabago, MD
2002-2003 Ma. Lourdes Salud, MD
2003-2004 Melchor Tuquero, MD
2004-2005 Celerina Papa-Malinit, MD
2006 -2007 Adoracion Nambayan-Abad, MD
2010-2011 Miguel Martin N. Moreno II, MD
2011-2012 Josefa Romano-Cruel, MD


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