50th Founding Anniversary

22 April 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012, 8-5pm

Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City

Honorary Chair: Elizabeth Ifurung-Gonzales, MD
Over-all Chair: Corazon S. Ramos, MD
Co-Chair: Miguel Martin N. Moreno II, MD 


COGs and Payment Dues


DATE     :          3 September 2010

TO          :          All Members of Makati Medical Center (MkMS)

MkMS President

RE          :          Issuance of the Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) and Payment of Annual Dues to PMA and MkMS

 This is in pursuant to circulars and reminders sent by the Philippine Medical Association regarding the Issuance of Certificates of Good Standing by the Component Societies of the PMA and the New Annual dues of PMA.


The CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING will ONLY be issued to a member who has completed the following requirements of the PMA as so ordered June 2010.

  • Has PHYSICALLY attended or participated in one (1) of the MAJOR events of MkMS such as Outreach Program, Annual Convention AND Fund Raising.
  • Has payed his/her annual dues WITHOUT ARREARS before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Has voted in the PMA annual national elections at least ONCE in two (2) years. Effective March 2008, and
  • Has earned100 CME units (30 units from the MkMS).

NOTE: You will be charged P100.00 for your first certificate. A Duplicate COGS Fee of PhP 500.00 will be charged for succeeding certificates for the same fiscal year.

Sample notice letter:

This is a friendly reminber that your PMA Annual Dues for the fiscal year _________ is now being collected. Please take note of the NEW PMA dues:

  • o
Regular Member (PMA PhP 1,000.00 and MkMS PhP 500.00)
  • o
PMA Life Member (PhP 500.00 annually + MkMS dues only)
  • o
New PMA Life Member (PMA PhP 15,000.00 + MkMS Dues PhP 500.00)
Only Regular members of Good Standing for the past 10years are qualitfied to apply as a PMA Life member.)
  • o
New MkMS Life member (PhP 500.00 [Payable within a year])
Applicatble to PMA Life member of good standing 
  • o
Emeritus (Exempted; applicable to members 65+yrs old, and member of PMA for the past 15 years) 
  • o
Arrears PhP_____________ for the year/s __________
  • o
Power Card (The NEW PMA ID Card) PhP 250.00 



Please remit the Total Collectible amount as stated above in cash or cheque (preferred), payable to Makati Medical Society to any of the following listed below: Always ask for your official receipt.

Sincerely yours,
The Treasurer