History Highlights

In 1962, a handful of practicing physicians residing in the town of Makati conceived organizing a medical society. Seeking the assistance of then Rizal Medical Society, they held the 1st organizational meeting of the Makati Medical Society (MkMS) in April 22, 1962.

Thirty years after being founded i.e. 1992, with the approval of the  Philippine Medical Association (PMA), MkMS became a Component Medical Society of the PMA under the Central Tagalog Region.

The First Annual Convention of MkMS was held in 1993, during the 1st year anniversary of MkMS as a component society of PMA. Several presidents up to today have been winning the most coveted award for a society from the PMA, the Icasiano Memorial Award.

From an initial membership of 39 physicians in  1962, the MkMS now boasts a powerful 1,300+ members in good standing. Certainly, MkMS has gone a long way since its founders zealously worked for its birth 49 years ago. With its many projects, accomplishments and achievements for the welfare of the community and of its members, those who had a hand in the birth of the society, nurturing and caring for it during its early and fledgling years, can sit back misty-eyed, with a little smile on their lips, unflinching their thinning and graying hair and whisper, “Thank God it was worth it then, and is still worth it……. up to today!”

Mabuhay ang Makati Medical Society!

Mabuhay ang Samahan!


4 Responses to History Highlights

  1. Many members, esp. the elders, say that this short history needs to be researched by the elders themselves. So then, I enjoin the “elders” of the society to work on this short story, and try to make it complete and realistic for our upcoming 5oth Founding Anniversary in April 2012.

  2. Martin Moreno MD says:

    Will try to help to the best of my knowledge, although am not one of the elders. hehehe

    • I think the following Drs. would give a good history without bias:
      Cora Ramos
      Rudy Reyes
      Joey Sanchez
      Tony Sinchioco
      Marilou Salud
      Hilda Rabago
      Cely Papa-Malinit

      Maybe Dr.Ramos, as Over-all Chair of the 5oth Anniv can call for a special Documentation Committee to finally write, edit or correct any existing history of MkMS.

  3. Sierra Hernandez says:

    We’ll do our best to update the history & status of MkMS. We’ll seek help from the elders.

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