Prayer for MkMS

Prayer for Makati Medical Society
(by His Eminence Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles, DD
Archdiocese of Lipa)
Smile down upon our society, Mama Mary, for we have chosen you as our special patron and advocate. Show us, then, your love and your solicitude. Beg your Son to bless our leaders, the President, Officers and Advisers. Ask Him to enlighten them to govern wisely, to protect the interest of all members with justice and true service, and to respect and love His law.

Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles, DD

But most of all, dear Mother, ask your divine Son to give all members the gift of charity. Ask Him to fill our hearts with desire to serve the poor in His name, so that His love will overflow within all members, and the  society as a whole.
Finally, Mama Mary, inspire us with a true commitment for the society, and then, after serving our less fortunate, may we as one society be back safely to our true home, to you and to Jesus, Amen.

2 Responses to Prayer for MkMS

  1. Sierra Hernandez says:

    The prayer is so nice. But may I suggesti to make it a universal prayer because some of our members are nonRoman Catholic. Maybe, just a minor revision like the mentioning of the name of Mama Mary. For us, Catholics, no problem but in other religion, they do not recognize Mother Mary. Jesus is recognized by most of the religious sectors. Thanks!

  2. Very good suggestion Sierra. Let’s see what we can do. Ill ask Arch.Arguelles’ permission to edit a few words. Thank you sa comment.

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